Mission of the Birmingham City School System Athletic Program

The Birmingham Athletic Department’s Mission is to provide Quality Sports Programs that Support Academic Achievement for all Student- Athletes in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.


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Birmingham City Schools Athletics Program (BCS) is an essential component of the district’s holistic educational mission. Our philosophy embraces the concept of student-athletes being students first, as well as the principles of fair play, sportsmanship, and gender equity in relation to Title IX.

As member schools of the Alabama High School Athletic Association, BCS athletics is committed to complying with all rules and regulations of the AHSAA in the conduct of its interscholastic athletics department. We believe that participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences which assist students in personal growth and accomplishments while promoting student-athlete welfare.

BCS Department of Athletics

125 63rd Street North, Room 102

Birmingham, AL 35212

(205) 231 – 9026


Director of Athletics                                            Henry C. Pope

Email:                           (205) 231 – 9027


Assistant Director                                                 Charonda Boyd

Email:                           (205) 231 – 9029


Administrative Assistant                                    Deidre Wiley

Email:                          (205) 231 – 9026